Story of One of The Successful Young Entrepreneurs in India – Siddhant Keshari

Siddhant Keshari, one of the successful young entrepreneurs and an Engineering Student is the CO-founder & CEO of Events and
. A perfect example of an Engineer turned Entrepreneur. He started up in his final year of engineering, Siddhant had a
love for physics which helped him decide that Engineering was what he wanted to study. But it is not always necessary that your entrepreneurship and qualification, both have to be in the same field. Soon Siddhant realised in the
part of 2nd year of his Engineering that Engineering wasn’t enough to drive his passions for so many other things that college had to offer and he had started developing more interest in certain other areas, like managing his college’s tech fest, getting into any job role that requires a management need, etc. He joined various different organizations, started volunteering for a couple of more and even went one step ahead to fulfill his thirst for all the learning and knowing crunch that was going on at the back of his mind while he was pretending to be busy writing his Electrical assignments. This was where Siddhant decided to follow his dreams and started working for a lot of start-ups. He took a few management internships where he got job roles like HR Management, Marketing, Finance and anything that was challenging and new to him. He accepted it with full passion and amazement.

“One fine day, I was sitting in my class room next to my best friend introspecting about life, thinking how my life would have been if I would have taken up a management course instead of Engineering and then I started a conversation about the same with my friend Akshaya and she too was not very happy with what engineering was offering. She said even her life would have been a lot different if she would have taken dance as a profession. This entire conversation gave me an envision into a bigger problem and that we as youth do not take informed career decisions. Most of us take a career decision based on our marks in a certain subject and not based on our personality and passion as a whole. Amidst a thousand thoughts that ran through my head that night, there was a spark and I had an idea – The idea was to create a system/service/product that would empower the college students and help the school students take an informed career decision based on their personality traits. On researching more and more about it, I found that 26 million youth in our country are unemployed as of 2017 and that is because most of us don’t take an informed career decision and dive into something not made for us! Hence why not create a revolution to Empower them(the youth) first and hence the idea of Events and Byond came to picture.” Says Siddhant.

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Siddhant wanted to make sure that they create an impact through their events and form a community of empowered youth that will take this venture beyond all possible barriers. They want to make a difference not only in India but also in abroad as a strong company of passionate individuals. Hence the name Events and Byond came into existence.

Events & Byond’s mission is to strive for impact and to make a dent to create leaders of tomorrow. Their primary target is to empower the youth of the country – who are the today and tomorrow of the world we live in. “They (youth) are the ones whom the modern society will comprise of so it is important to empower them and make them believe in their passion and themselves. An empowered youth empowers a society and an empowered society empowers a nation – and that is the ultimate picture we want framed!” Says Siddhant.

Siddhant comes from a family of entrepreneurs, however, his family was not much supportive in the beginning of his entrepreneurial journey as his Dad knew the struggles an entrepreneur has to go through. And like any other father, he wanted his son to have a secured and less risky career path.

His mother on the other hand was very okay until and unless he loved what he was doing and was happy about it. “I guess mothers are that way, they just want their kids to be happy.” Says Siddhant.

His parents are now happy with the fact that their son is actually trying to make a difference through his venture. Though his dad still wants him to get a good job and then carry on with what he wants.

Talking about Events and Byond, it is a thriving entrepreneurial venture dedicated to utilizing the extensive power of the youth to meet the objectives. They aim to solve one of the biggest problems of the society and that is to help the youth of this country take informed career decisions and empower them at the same time through various events and summits that they organize. Their core competency lies in planning and execution mix which includes organizing events, youth connects, conferences, workshops, leadership summits and various youth empowerment programmes and projects, social media and on ground campaigns, videos and content, maintaining relationships online, reaching out to target specific audience, integrating offline goals with online marketing and measuring ROI.They are also open to corporate events and partnerships. Events and Byond prides itself with a small and crisp team of young professionals from diverse backgrounds that can bring fresh ideas and perspective to the table.

The urge and passion to make a difference and build a better society full of empowered youth is what keeps Siddhant motivated. Something that Siddhant truly believes in is “Shoot for the stars, aim for the moon, the world will be yours if you know how to bloom!” ~ Siddhant Keshari

Here is what Siddhant has to say to the upcoming entrepreneurs: “Start-ups are our way into the future, the world needs entrepreneurs – problem solvers. In my suggestion, start-ups should sell the problem they solve not the product and maintain a good company culture where the personal development of employees/team is also taken care of alongside because great organizations are made by the great people in it.”

For any queries or assistance, you may contact Siddhant Keshari and Events and Byond at:

Phone: +91-8072632672
Location: Kolkata, West Bengal, India

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