Sunopticals : A Growing Retail Optical Store

SunOpticals is a retail optical store in Adilabad which has services like eye examination, suggestion on vision correction and providing frames and spectacle. The mission is to provide the best service in the industry with quality products with standard materials. Yash Sharma is the proprietor of this business which is run by his father.

While working with e-commerce companies, he realized its all about providing solutions and making tasks easy. He also understood that he has a family business which can benefit from his skills and some technical input. That is when he quit his job and joined his father’s business.

He has helped Sunopticals by creating a website and YouTube Channel to help in company’s growth. The company focuses on learning new technology. As the world is changing rapidly and moving along with technology will benefit them. Customer satisfaction is the main focus. The reason for customers selecting Sunopticals is because they get a friendly atmosphere because Yash’s father is talkative by nature. Best part they get some healthy bits of advice and trendy latest stuff which attract them to the shop.

Giving a tip to upcoming start-ups Yash said, “When you have a good idea, research and act fast because time never waits for anyone.”

For any queries or assistance, you may contact Yash Sharma and Sunopticals at:

Phone: +917799228221
Location: Adilabad, Telangana, India

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