Talking Studios – Studios Talking About Themselves

Talking Studios is a list aggregator and booking facilitator for audio video & photo recording studios in India. The name ‘Talking Studios’ comes naturally as the studios talk about themselves on the platform. Kunal  Kumar, coming from a family of non-entrepreneurs founded Talking Studios along with his college classmate and a friend, Ghansham Verma and Yush Bhardwaj.

He comes from a core technical background with Masters in Cyber Laws and Security and holds many elite certifications in the security domain.

However, while learning the art of music composition he found it difficult to find the right music/recording studio. His difficulty gave rise to Talking Studios.

Their mission is to organize the so far mismanaged and unorganized media and recording businesses. They are growing rapidly in context to the number of employees, profitability, and turnover. To rightly count their success, it can be illustrated with the fact that they are expanding into countries like Amsterdam, Germany, and West Africa.  They have also received interests from entrepreneurs from US and Australia.

The studios talk about their services, their offerings, and everything. They are talking about themselves just to tell the users who they are and what they offer.

Since there is no other platform working in this area, it gives them the first mover advantage and a monopoly over the market attracting the target audience.

His team is his biggest motivation and according to him, they are responsible for keeping him sane in tough times. They have been very patient and hard working throughout. They have a family like relationship and support each other when things go sideways. This is the most important part for the success of any small or big organization.

He signed off with a tip that “If you see a problem, turn it into an opportunity and you will have a success story waiting to unfold.”

For any queries or assistance, you may contact Talking Studios and Kunal Kumar at:

Phone: +91-9899924588
Location: Delhi, India

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