The Lifestyle Portal’s 1st Entrepreneur Meetup – Mumbai Edition

Meet experts, showcase your brand and network

The Lifestyle Portal was established in February 2011 with a vision to provide a platform to budding entrepreneurs from all over the country and the world. It was founded by Tanya Munshi, a writer by profession with over 17 years of editorial experience in the field of travel, lifestyle, parenting and entrepreneurship.

Today there are plenty of websites and platforms that do something quite similar to what The Lifestyle Portal does, but what makes Tanya’s website – The Lifestyle Portal unique is that she brings out a human connect in each of the entrepreneur’s brand she writes about. She believes that if there’s a human connect to a venture, a startup/ enterprise, it will help them form a long-lasting and a positive bond with their customers and the target audience.

Over the past seven years, Tanya has tirelessly profiled over 180 entrepreneurs from every corner of India and from international markets as well. Her interviews with each one of them have made her e-publishing website one of the most unique platforms in the online space today. You will find entrepreneurs of all kinds – right from a Kahaniwali Nani who’s stories reached out to millions through Whatsapp and Telegram, The Mountain Walker, who will make you experience the Himalayas in an all new light, to UnicoArtefact, a startup that focuses on promoting our Indian handicraft heritage on a global platform and a lot more!

To take her vision to the next level, Tanya has formed an exclusive Entrepreneurs’ Club for all the entrepreneurs she has profiled so far as she believes that it is essential to create a sustainable ecosystem in the startup/ entrepreneur space so that it not only benefits the entrepreneurs, but it also helps us progress as a nation too.

With this vision in mind, she has now very bravely taken the step to bring this online community of some of the most talented entrepreneurs she has profiled to an offline Entrepreneurs’ Meetup, starting with the Mumbai Edition. If you would like to be a part of this fantastic meetup, click here to book your seats now.

There’ll be two Keynote Speakers at the meetup:

Keynote Speaker 1: Sanjay Mukherjee – Founder of The Mountain Walker,

RedstoneSummerhill and Chief Strategy Advisor for Peak Pacific.

Topic – Critical Competencies for Startup Founders/ CEOs: What does one need to build an organization? Followed by Q&A session.

Keynote Speaker 2: Avishek Ganguly – Founder, Calls Incorporated

Topic – Talent acquisition challenges faced by start-ups. Followed by Q&A session.

They will be conducting interactive sessions with the participants and the best part being, participants can choose to present their brand in a 3-minute presentation on a theme – “How failures and challenges have brought out the best in your venture”.

How cool is that! Will you be there? We sure will too.

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