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The journey of Obo Swift has been through lots of ups and downs. It started with the dream of Saurav Jhawar to start a business where everything can be delivered from home or office to anywhere within minutes. He is a Dubai based engineer who graduated from MS Ramaiah college and then went ahead for Business Management to St Joseph. Unfortunately, he dropped out after 2nd Semester as he couldn’t cope up with everyday classes. Rather, his interest was in innovating ideas for business which can bring about a difference in lives of the public.

He belongs to a family of Engineers and his family is quite supportive of him. His delivering business in India failed for being financially dependent due to lack of human capital. As a result, he left for Dubai and started Equipment business – Konig. With some funds, he restarted the journey of his dreams for Deliveries in India with Ms. Madhuri Chalke, who looks after the day to day operations in India.

Madhuri Chalke joined him when he moved to Dubai. She is an Architect by profession which she has been practicing for 9 years. Both shared a similar vision that Bigger Desire comes with Bigger Action and Bigger confidence! She left her flourishing Architectural career for Obo Swift, added funding and now looks into everyday Operations in India. She has a composed nature of finding solutions to day to day working, whereas Saurav has a more aggressive approach – a perfect blend.

The business started with Obo Bike Taxi in Ethiopia and now has been launched in India 5 months ago in Kolkata. The business has 35 bikers in the city of Kolkata and they plan on increasing the bikers to 90 in coming days. Obo Swift does delivery and Pick up services. Recently they have launched Obo Shop where this company will shop anything from any shop of customers choice & deliver in minutes.

They had an advice for everyone out there, “What we desire becomes our reality? Isn’t it?” They wish that the same applies to everyone when they see their wishes turn to reality and when they talk about delivering anything & everything within minutes.

For any queries or assistance, you may contact Obo Swift & Saurav Jhawar at:

Phone: +971526631459
Location: Kolkata, West Bengal, India

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