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A business that started with $1 (60 rupees) is the story behind the name of Yasir Sulaiman’s Company called 1DollarPublications TM. His vision is “Keeping you 1 step ahead!” Yasir has been a writer since childhood and even won a small online contest held by Oxford University, London in 2006. The foundation for the concept behind this company was set up when Yasir realized that traditional publishers demand a huge amount of money to publish his books.

He started this company on with four friends providing a platform where writers can publish the eBooks free of cost. It is the first by-product of a registered start-up by the name 5Bees Technologies. Expressions! That is how Yasir describes his business as 1DollarPublicationsTM gives you a platform to express and is open for both personal as well corporate members.

People are free to post blogs, poetry or even photographs they take along with descriptions. Besides e-books, companies can also publish their case-studies, business presentations, corporate videos, posters, and even corporate videos. In addition, there is a special section where employers can post job requirements and candidates can post their resumes.

Yasir belongs from a family of non-entrepreneurs and says that business for him is like playing a sport. One does not need to study cricket to be a cricketer, one needs a passion for the game. Likewise, his passion to explore the impossible is his fuel.

He believes in promoting himself rather than the business as people will like his business if they like him. When asked for a suggestion for upcoming start-ups he said to remember these lines of his poem whenever you are going through lows in your business,

“Like me or dislike me,
Be my friend or enemy,
I am what I am,
Because I am the only person I know how to be…”

For any queries or assistance, you may contact ‘1DollarPublicationsTM’ at:

Mobile: 91-8489000188
Location: Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu, India

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