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CA Aditya Dudheria and CA Janish Jain are the Founder & CEO of The Laureates. After completing their Chartered Accountancy they observed that Indian Schools are modelled like factories. They said we talk about smart classes but smart classes to us only mean education on screens. Schooling has actually become a business. It is because of this aspect that the middle and lower middle class have to burn a deep hole in the pocket for quality education. When you cannot afford this you have to helplessly satisfy yourself with a mediocre level of education. They observed that people are not too aware of the information they require to make quality decisions. In this process, he and his partner created their own company, namely The Laureates.


The Laureates runs premium quality preschools in Surat, Gujarat thereby nurturing young minds along with ‘Your Educare’. It provides all the educational solutions to schools and connects people with information which eases up in decision making.


Very interestingly, India has one thing more than America and China combined, i.e number of engineers. However, we have zero Noble Laureates. This is how they came across this company’s name. The name surely coordinates with their objective.

Aditya and Janish got started with this venture when they were of 20 years of age. Currently, they are 22.


The company’s stated mission is to prepare students for jobs which are not in existence yet.

The Laureates holds an exceptional vision where the premium schooling will prevail in affordable fees. Truly speaking it is the kind of Education which this generation needs. Connecting all dots so as to provide with information which is needed for decision making is the primary goal.


CA Aditya Dudheria and CA Janish Jain are Chartered Accountants having a driving factor in the form of passion for quality education. They have realised that the smartest generation has arrived and our educational system does not meet up with the requirements.

They are also the youngest in India to start their own school.

Aditya, is a recognised public speaker having won numerous competitions at state and regional level.

Even their fathers are leading entrepreneurs in the Textile Industry.


Just after completing college, they shared with their dad about their will to enter into the education industry. At that time they were just 20 years old. Their father already had a very well set business. It was difficult to absorb for their family and relatives that a 20-year-old, young lad wants to start his own chain of schooling. Their age was a factor which was bothering their families. They were CA Finalist during that time and their exams were just 6 months away. They started with the layout out plan, market research and during this time they became a Chartered Accountant.

Seeing their passion, dedication and willingness to excel in this field their families supported their decisions and today they are proving why that was worth it.


Now they have a degree with a reputation in society to generate trust for people in initial age. Their fathers always supported their decision and told them to go and serve the society. Without family support, it would not have been possible for them to have a kickstart to their dreams.

Currently, they feel like it is just the beginning. There is a lot more work to be done at ground level. But, it feels great for them to be probably India’s youngest person to start their own brand of schooling.


Their business is divided into three segments:-

  1. Running of premium preschools in affordable fees range under the brand name ‘The Laureates’. To keep pace with the needs of this generation and preparing them for jobs which are not in existence yet. Also, focusing more on practicality and innovation.
  2. Providing a complete technological solution to schools.
  3. Your Educare:-

‘Your Educare’ is one stop portal for all educational assistance. They are to enable parents and youth into informed decision making by providing them with a bundled service. Just like a complete solution set which they need for decision making. They understand that cost of choosing incorrect profession/institute could lead to disenchantment, unhappiness for the lifetime.

KEY FEATURES OF THE LAUREATES ( Your Educare one of their companies)

Some of the key features include:

  • All information at one place:

The information does not mean name, number, contact details of course. It means information which is required for decision making like Recent results, prospectus, Awards & Honours, bringing genuine reviews, connecting them through social media, fees etc which you need to know before making your mind.

  • Ask your Buddy:

Before selecting any course or institute you obviously want to connect with someone who has studied from that institute. So The Laureates helps you to connect with previous alumni and clear your queries and also enable you to get an unbiased opinion.

  • Admission Hassles:

You can leave all admission hassles to The Laureates. They will notify you when admission for your interested institutes is open. So that you do not miss out on any dates. This solves the problem which is faced by your parents especially regarding the admission dates of schools.

  • Personalisation:

The Laureates make this process really personalized to you. With this, you can actually target. Directly your target market on the basis of your education, interests and current profession. E.g Now if you are shifting to Mumbai for a job, you will still be updated about events happening in Mumbai. As per your interest which saves a lot of time in scrolling down feeds. It also reduces approximately 80% cost.

Aditya always had the habit of challenging all the status quo and asking like “Aisa hee Kyon Hota Hai?”. There has to be a better way to do this?. For that, he had to step up to the plate and write his own story forward.

They have been in the business field for the past five years. While they have spent 2 years in The Laureates.

They are working on to open preschool in Hyderabad, Vijaywada and Delhi in meantime.


They feel the number of employees in the next year will be around 40. Profitability will be around Rs 25Lacs P.A. Turnover will be RS 75 Lacs.

Figures shown are approximate.

For them, it is difficult to provide these data for three and five years as they are in pipeline in setting up big schools and expanding to different states.

Quality and passion towards the work, and not to forget the personalized service makes The Laureates believe in building a model which is difficult to copy and impossible to execute by the opponents.

To convince parents about their innovative methodology are the biggest issues to run the business. His family is very addicted to traditional approach towards education.

CA ADITYA DUDHERIA & CA JANISH JAIN focus on Word of Mouth and uses various tools of social media effectively. Rest they believe in doing work and let it make the noise. This is how they market their business.

The desire to be named a person who had changed this industry. This idea is what inspires Aditya & Janish the most.

They have a message for all the upcoming startups. “Just Do it. Always Think Big and Start Small. If there was a time, now is the time to start on.”

For any queries or assistance, you may contact CA Aditya Dudheria and The Laureates at:

Phone: +91 8306622177 / +91 8238166008
Location: Surat, Gujarat, India

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