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The common trait that all humans share is curiosity. The urge to know about things around us, from science to history has taken men to great depths of knowledge. But in the times of World Wide Web, the line between what is real and what is not has blurred. If we neglect our history, the truth about things may fade away.

Best Biggie is all about to bringing facts and truth in the sports light. Devi Akkineni founded this company to share her passion and love to know facts. She started this along with Sathvika, co-founder. She belongs to science but learned Digital Marketing and Blogging to start this project. Her family is her strength and it’s their support and belief in her that encourages her.

Best Biggie is Devi Akkineni’s dream project which she started at the age of 21. She realized she wants to be an entrepreneur as she loves to stand on her own talent. The curiosity for knowledge and a vision to share the truth with the world is what encouraged her to start this company.

The team carries out complete research and verification before sharing facts. Social Media platforms are how people become aware of this business.

For any queries or assistance, you may contact Devi Akkineni and Best Biggie at:

Email: bestbiggie.in@gmail.com
Phone: +919494979526
Website: www.bestbiggie.in
Location: Vijayawada, Andra Pradesh, India

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