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Sneha Rao

Shreya is a self-motivated individual who believes in living her dreams and passion. She comes from a middle-class family and like any other middle-class family, her parents also wanted her to grab a secure job, and maybe they still want the same. But Shreya decided to have them convinced a bit and let her do what she enjoys doing the most. “Perhaps I am not the kind of person who would be happy in life as a good employee and earn sufficiently. I would rather be the person who can help others follow their dreams and make a living out of the same.” is what Shreya feels.

Shreya says, “Writing is my passion and there isn’t a day I don’t write.” However, as a school-going girl, Shreya lacked confidence in showing up her writings to the world and chose a pseudonym for her as ‘Yashika’. Dutta gained fame and excelled as ‘Yashika’ and that is when she decided to shriek out and tell the world who ‘Yashika’ really was. But she was unaware of any suitable platform. So, she decided to create a platform for herself and came up with the idea of ‘StarWords India’.

“The name of my company is very special to me. Every letter of the word “STAR” is the starting letter of the names of my parents, grandfather, and myself. “WORDS” represents the creativity we portray with the help of words. “INDIA” tells the world that our country has always given birth to some of the best writers the world has ever seen.” Says Dutta.

“At StarWords India, we follow the statement “Pen Down Your Thoughts!”. Over the years, ghost-writing had become a formidable part of our writing career and the praise that we received for our work was enough to keep us running. However, as time flew, we realized that we should not sell off our talent; instead, now, we want to inspire the world by penning down our thoughts.” Added Shreya.

We usually link doctors to science, engineers to engineering and a journalist to writing. But Shreya has to say something different about her writing hobby, “Who says an Engineer cannot be a Writer? Passion is all that matters!” says Shreya. She is an engineer by qualification and a writer by passion.

StarWords India is a company solely run by hardworking freelancers from different parts of India. They provide writing services ranging from content writing, creative writing, technical writing, newsletters, brochures, PRs, SEO-based writing, web content, proofreading to editing. And they also help fresh talents show off their creativity and get published free of cost.

“Word of mouth has worked the best for us. We don’t invest in marketing. We work hard to leave an impact. And, because of this impact, our clients enjoy working with us.” said Shreya.

Email: shreya.dutta194@gmail.com  
Mobile: +91 8902365920
Website: www.starwordsindia.com  
Location: Kolkata, West Bengal, India

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