Woof N Boow: Simplifying Dog Needs

Woof N Boow was started by Dipankar Sarkar. It is a platform where customers can buy good quality puppies at a comparative price. It also has a list of doctors and pet shops in a 5Km radius. Services like alerts for vaccination and meals of dog to the appointment of doctors etc. will be introduced shortly.

He became a breeder at the age of 25, five years ago when he started selling dogs with his friend a few years ago. But this turned out to be challenging as breeders had no recognition back in the times when e-commerce and social media was not in a boom. So he came up with the idea to sell dogs and provides all kinds doorstep services to dog owners. The name of the company should have been related to Dogs so he decided on Woof N Bow.

He comes from a family of entrepreneurs and his father is very supportive of him. Even his educational background isn’t the same. It was the very passion of doing business and immense love for dogs that compelled him to start something in this industry.

His wife keeps him motivated throughout. When Startup Idols asked about his future goals Dipankar responded, “I need to add more breeders and allow them to sell their puppies through my platform including mating & exchanging of dogs, veterinary, shops, comparing puppies with all breeders list under 5km radius.”

For any queries or assistance, you may contact Dipankar Sarkar & Woof N Boow at:

Email: dipankars@hotmail.com
Phone: +917769877390, +919168577390
Website: N/A
Location: Bangalore, Karnataka, India

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