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None of the internet users of today’s era would deny the fact that they haven’t heard of the famous coupon website, CouponsJi, so far. At least, the shopaholics must not claim it, for it has become such an internet sensation these days. And why should it not be when you get to see all the current offers on a single click? In fact, one must Google it right away if you have never been on this website.

Mr. Avik Sarkar, the Founder of the so sensational website “CouponsJi”, is a successful entrepreneur today and is leading the world of internet with his super-unique idea of covering all the discounts and offers on a single website. He had been closely associated with web development and marketing for the past ten years. He also had been an e-commerce user for the past four years. While doing his research on digital marketing, he came across several new and upcoming trends that caught his attention. Studying these marketing trends had often helped him in optimizing web space and turning things more appealing for his target audience. He says he had to spend a lot of time doing comparison shopping.

He believes CouponsJi is one such attempt that can actually help you save much of your hard-earned money and time. This platform provides you with a hassle-free shopping experience. Most of us think is he glued to the internet (the social networking sites to be more precise) all the time, right? Well, clearing our doubts, he explained that he always believed in the power of social networking even before CouponsJi was launched as it helps you in setting your target audience and reaches out to them in no time. Very soon you’ll develop a niche group of followers who’ll share their opinions and help you diversify your product-line over time. Hence, we get to see a positive aspect of social networks too. So, go on folks; utilize your networks!

When talking about his startup, one must mention the extravagant features of this website. Unlike other websites, it can be surfed by people ranging from all the age groups. Be it a kid who needs to order his favorite comic online or a housewife who is looking for discounts over the homewares, CouponsJi lists the discounts of all products being sold online ranging from your favorite goggles to those designer dresses. It is one of the most useful websites to clip in your savings.

Tip: No wonder he would have faced some hurdles initially in his journey, but here is a piece of advice that he would like to share with the aspiring entrepreneurs. He says ‘Being an entrepreneur isn’t easy in this era of globalization. You need to live up to people’s expectations besides coping with the challenges posed by competitors. Detailed strategies are helping us set our future agendas all the time. All of them are based on thorough research outcomes arrived at by our team of expert market analysts.” Well, that’s the law of nature you really need to work hard to reach the peak.

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Location: Kolkata, West Bengal, India

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