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How to Publish Your Startup Story: 7 Easy and Quick Tips

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Story publishing online is quite a popular topic among L&D professionals. It’s the type of thing we all want about, but many have no idea where to begin. We often see people Publishing a story in very random places without even knowing it. Like, for example, in crafting an email, or a Facebook post. Your stories don’t need to be long but it should be in a way that catches the audience. Hence, we aim to provide you with simple tips on how to publish your startup story online.

The fact is that you can publish your startup story in several ways. To get the best output from these tales, you must to fit the audience at hand – investors, journalists, clients, partners, and customers, among others. Many entrepreneurs think their story published will grow organically, but that simply isn’t the case. You have to understand that you should craft all of them, something that takes significant time and resources.  

So, here are 7 easy and quick tips on how to publish your startup story:-

1. Informal Practice

Informal practice can occur in our daily lives. We tell stories every day during regular conversations. And we even don’t put too much thought into telling them. We simply recall the facts and verbalize them. Some people are naturally more entertaining at this than others. So, try to be informal and put your experience as a story. Being informal while writing a story will help you in connecting with the audience. Most of us can tell a good story one time. Then we’re bored with it and move on unless there is a reason to share that experience again. So, try to publish your story online in different ways from others.

2. Own Story

If you want to Get your story published in a better way, you can do it by sharing your own ideas and role played in the startup. Try to choose yourself as the lead character which is supported by others. You can show the audience from your perspective or you can else try something new. You can use a new word that you recently heard or publish the story of your day through the eyes of someone else.

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3. Little Details

Recall the events of the days and write them down in your stories. But as you write be mindful of how you Want to publish a story of your day. Don’t make it overloaded with data and statistics that can become stressful to the readers. Just put a little thought into the little details and make it feel more realistic to generate a bond with the readers. People prefer content that has a strong connection with society and everyday life. For them, good content is unique, new, and has a societal impact.

4. Target Audience

To publish a story online, you have to keep in mind your targeted audience also. You must ensure that you use phrases or incidents that can connect them with the reality of your story. Publish them in a way so that they feel motivated by the startup you have created. Once the audience gets to know about your struggle, they start respecting your company.

5. Media connection

Every startup story needs a media relation strategy. Unfortunately, there are still a lot of people that don’t know how to build a good relationship with the media. Many don’t also realize the importance of using media as a channel to publish a story for free.

Startups must spend some time reading the news articles of a publisher to understand how the stories are written, know the language style used, and the types of articles that get published the most. If you have a lifestyle article, send it to a lifestyle publisher. If you have tech-related content, send it to tech media. And so on.

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6. Online Presence

The more you are active on social media, the better you can get your article published as you have the reach to more audience. You can share the link of the website where your story gets published on your social media accounts so that your story can get more traffic. Also, you can directly publish the story online for free on your social media accounts.

7. Choose a Good Website

After you get everything ready, its time to select a website to publish stories. It will be better if you opt for free online story sharing as everyone can access it. It will be better if you prepare a list of Story publishing sites and then pick the best option from it. Choose your website wisely as a good one can really make your story impactful and reach it to the audience.

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