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Instagram- As the best social media app of 2019

Posted by startupidols

It’s no secret that Instagram has a magnificent reach and it’s enabling users to grow enormously just every single day. It has proven itself and there is no doubt that Instagram is the best social media app of 2019. It is just not a social media app but, a platform for commercialization too. However, not every business has jumped on the Instagram marketing bandwagon.
At first glance, the app seems like it’s really only beneficial for those in e-commerce. However, it has become a platform for commercialization.
Most businesses on Insta report that it’s their most engaging social media platform.

Exploring the Instagram Analytics Tools

Instagram has free analytics. Now as we know how to build an account and create ads, one needs a way to track their efforts. By uploading Instagram stories, sharing updates with the followers one may know that, it does not have analytics. These analytics help you keep track of your audience.
If you’re not tracking your Instagram analytics on a regular basis, then you are making a big mistake, because by evaluating you could:
1) Targeting the right audience.
2) Get to know if you are posting too frequently (or not frequently enough).
3) Driving relevant visitors to your website or not.
4) Driving calls from an ad type that you only used once or not.
5) Ignoring mentions that could be leading to future partnerships or not.
6) Posting during optimal hours of the day or days of the week or not.
7) Missing opportunities for brand engagement in your comments and stories or not.
The basic pillar has to be strong, to incorporate cleared objective. It has to be cleared by following a target audience.

Personal tips work really well, especially when indirectly collaborate with the business in some way, behind-the-scenes, structured the day,

How you come up with ideas, the work-space, all these give people a look into life/business.

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By – Bushra Sabir

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