Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing is the process of increasing traffic and gaining audience attraction through social media sites. Search engines and social media websites are more closely related than one may think. Social media allows users to discover new content, including news and products, and also helps to build links that support a website’s SEO efforts. Each social media site operates differently, which means each requires a different approach to success.

Here are the different social media services we offer:-

1. Facebook Marketing

According to a recent survey, it was found that Facebook influences online and offline purchases for 52% of consumers. This demonstrates just how important this channel can be for retailers and E-commerce businesses.

A Facebook Page can make a business vastly easier to discover and it creates a social hub for the business’ audience. A page allows any business to grow their brand and share regular updates with customers. Through Startup Idols’s social media marketing services, businesses will have access to Facebook advertising as well. Facebook Ads combined with consistent, quality posts are a proven strategy utilized by our agency to boost our client’s exposure.

2. YouTube Marketing

While many do not think of YouTube as a social media network, it has many of the same features. YouTube is designed for posting content that others can react to and share. Video marketing is a powerful tool Startup Idols uses to increase our client’s search engine rankings and share their message to the digital world.

3. Twitter Marketing

Twitter is an ideal platform to connect with customers in real time. We work with organizations that incorporate Twitter into their business to provide updates, product releases, promotions, and more. It is also the most popular channel for customer service.

4. Pinterest and Instagram Marketing

Instagram and Pinterest are both good options if your business offers something visual because both the platforms are mainly image-based. Pinterest however, has a much larger base of women; this is important if a business aims to tap into a strong female audience whereas Instagram serves as a common user base and has a huge audience.

5. Google+ Marketing

While Google+ is only used by a handful of consumers, it plays a role in a business organization’s Google search rankings. Startup Idols configures this platform correctly and efficiently so as to boost organic rankings and help consumers find our clients.

Social Media Marketing itself contains a certain kind of “energy”. It involves connecting, interacting and succeeding together by building bonds with your customers. If your business doesn’t engage the audiences on Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, and other platforms, you are lagging behind and also losing marketing avenue along with a wonderful opportunity for customer retention!

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