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India is going through the start-up revolution today and everyone wants to obtain the maximum out of it. Everyone wants to get into it; be it a school dropout, a college graduate, a manager who is vexed with his nine-to-five job, a senior director who now wants to cross over the stream to test waters. Entrepreneurship opens up an exciting world that everybody desires to just dive in and enjoy the swim. But is it really so easy to become an entrepreneur and be successful? It is never easy to maneuver the turbulence. So, here bring you with our new idea of presenting you the inspiring journey of successful entrepreneurs.

1. Story Publishing

Everybody wants to share their stories and life experience with someone. At Startup Idols, we not only publish your story but also, ensure that your story reaches the targeted customers. We publish the journey you have done to bring your business brand name at this level and further emphasize to take it to higher levels. Our story finds columns in esteemed magazines, newspapers, blogs and our website. So, what are you waiting for? Come and share your success stories with us and leave the rest for us. We guarantee that your story will reach the ears of the audiences.

 2. Startup Stories

Are you planning a startup? Or have you recently done a startup and want to tell others about your startup venture. Grab the opportunity to increase your customer base and brand name by sharing your startup journey and the obstacles faced by you. Inspire people to become entrepreneurs and become self-dependent. Here, at Startup Idols, we provide the platform for your story to be inspiring for others. Come to us, share your story with us and grab the best opportunity to make a popular brand name of your business.

3. Brand Promotion

Are you lagging behind in the stiff competition of marketing? Don’t worry; you just need a proper strategy to promote your brand name to edge past your competitors. Share your inspiring journey with your customers to build a strong relationship. We ensure that you are able to reach your targeted customers are promote your brand name.

 Passion and Purpose are the two most important aspects that keep the entrepreneur live and kicking. You could gain an in-depth understanding of how to start your entrepreneurial journey in this book. Success is guaranteed when you focus on creating a difference to this world, the society and most importantly, your true self. The journey is all yours! So, share the experience gained in your journey through us because we provide the startup stories of India to everyone so that they could seek knowledge and motivation from them.

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