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Top 10 MLM Companies in India 2018

Posted by startupidols

Multi-Level Marketing (MLM), also known as pyramid marketing, referral marketing or network marketing is a type of marketing strategy where a company gets profit from the non-salaried workforce, whereas earning of such participants are in pyramidal form. Each participant needs to make a team in order to earn profit. Profit increases with an increase in team members. New joiners need to perform a certain task to be part of the group. Tasks can be to download some apps and refer others or to pay a certain amount of joining fee. As a result, companies earn huge profit and pay incentives to its participants. Countries such as USA, Malaysia, Columbia, Thailand, and India are dedicated followers of such marketing strategy. Top 10 MLM companies in India are:

  1. Mi Lifestyle Marketing Global Private Limited

Mi Lifestyle Marketing Global Private Limited deals with multiple lifestyle and health-care products. Established in 2013, today it has been among the top MLM companies in India. This company offers online registration for its distributor membership. You need to purchase its product worth Rs 1000 to attain its distributorship.

  1. Amway India

Being one of the oldest MLM Companies, Amway is famous for its product quality. In order to be its distributor, you can register yourself on Amway website. It offers 6% to 21% commission on its products.

  1. Herbalife

Herbalife is a USA based company which deals with herbal products. You can join this company as a distributor through online registration and by purchasing its membership kit. It gives 25% discount on all products to its members. Additionally, members can earn profit by selling these products at their marked price.

  1. Forever Living Products

Forever Living Products offers health and skincare products. You can be its distributor without paying any membership fee. This company provides discounts on all its products. Moreover, its distributors can earn profit by purchasing these products at discounted rates and selling them at their marked price.

  1. Vestige

Vestige deals with health and personal care products. Its distributors can earn 10-20% profit on product price. Also, they can earn 5-20% profit as bonus on their performance. Additionally, 14% profit as their direct bonus.

  1. Modicare

Being one of the fastest growing MLM companies in India, Modicare supplies a variety of products such as healthcare, homecare and cosmetics. It offers 20% discount on all its products to its distributors. Performance-based bonuses are also provided to its members.

  1. Win Nature International Private Limited

Win Nature International Private Limited offers ayurvedic products especially ayurvedic medicines. It provides both, discount (on its product price) and bonus to its regular distributors. You can register yourself as its distributor by visiting distributor login page on their website.

  1. Tupperware

Tupperware is famous for its cookware. Being among the top 10 MLM companies in India, it provides discounts based on its products to its distributors. Distributors can further sell these products and earn a profit.

  1. Oriflame

Oriflame is well-known for its beauty products. You can register yourself online as its consultant or distributor. It offers 20% discount in addition to performance-based discount to its members on its products.

  1. RCM

RCM supplies cosmetics, garments and grocery. Its distributors get 15% discount on all its products. distributors can earn incentives by selling these products plus 10% to 32% profit can also be earned on products purchased by any of the group members. RCM also offers performance-based bonus.

These are certainly the top 10 MLM companies in India, which are growing rapidly and have been estimated to grow higher in upcoming years.

By – Darakhshan Anjum

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