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Top 3 Marketing Automation Tools for Small Businesses

Posted by startupidols

One of the biggest benefits of digital marketing over traditional marketing is marketing automation . Marketing Automation Tools not only saves your time that would otherwise be spent on manual tasks, but it also optimizes itself and becomes effective over time.

We have been using marketing automation for our business and for our clients, and we keep forgetting that we take all these tools for granted.

In this blog, Startup Idols wants to give you a small overview of the marketing automation tools for small business that one should use. These tools communicate with each other via API and help to automate lead generation, lead nurturing and sales.


OptinChat is a lead generation tool that is developed by Deepak Kanakraju in partnership with a Tech co-founder. Through OptinChat, it becomes easy to talk to all the website visitors and collect their name and email IDs for newsletter subscription. You can easily sign up for a free version of OptinChat at OptinChat.com.

OptinChat has direct integrations with many popular email marketing tools. And, for those people who are using an email marketing software that is not there on the list, we have Zapier integration that talks to more than 500 different applications.


Zapier is one of the best email marketing software because it helps if you do not have a developer in your team. Especially because developers do not come so cheap. Zapier can do most of the tasks related to marketing.

Whenever you get new email subscribers. You can send a welcome mail to them using Zapier.


According to SMEs, Drip is the best email marketing tool. Drip can do so much more than a normal email marketing software. You can also set up advanced automation such as dynamic drip marketing and the behavior-based email triggers using drip. It has all the advanced automation tools. But drip is focused on the businesses based on consumer. Most of the other advanced CRM and marketing automation tools are built for B2B businesses.

So, these are the top three marketing automation tools that you must use for your business. But, marketing automation is a broad concept that deserves a course of its own.

I hope you liked this article. Stay tuned for the upcoming articles.

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By – Pallavi Singh

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