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Why You Should Make More Mistakes

Posted by startupidols

“A life spent making mistakes is not only more honorable but more useful than a life spent doing nothing.” We often aim to achieve perfection with each piece. It would seem that striving for perfection would be the best way to improve. In our society, making mistakes is like stepping into a hole or going out of bounds etc. Stepping outside the boundaries, where mistakes usually happen is the most crucial part of the journey. You might not be aware of the situations you are going to face you might find a new route, a new way of doing things and many new experiences.

The only time you make a mistake is when you know that it won’t work. You are unnecessarily doing it and stepping into that grey area. That’s when you are making a mistake. But if you are aware of the fact that by changing your tactics slightly.

You try it a little and then you fail, that will not be a mistake then. You were looking for a solution and you went into the unknown, returning back from that step and starting all over again is when you learn how to learn from your mistakes and improve them.

The fear of making mistakes suppresses the creativity and innovation. Some mistakes are tuition well paid assuming you learn from it and apply that lesson to move forward. Making a mistake is part of human nature and you learn about life when you learn from your mistakes. When you see your mistakes as lessons, you’ll lose the fear of making mistakes in the first place. Many life lessons are bittersweet, but they also bring you relief even when you learn it the hard way.

So, never think that making mistakes was a big mistake. It was not you are simply in your learning phase and it will definitely lead to something big. Just keep on working and never think of stepping back.

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