Branding Packages

Design & Branding Pricing

You should have a branding package to help your business stand out and be easily remembered. This is like a unique collection of things that show what your company is all about.

It includes the way your company looks and the messages it sends. It’s like a promise to your customers about what makes your products and services different. The branding package has everything you use online and offline that represents your business.

Every brand has its unique requirements, and design partners have varying charges. The cost can vary widely, starting from as low as $5 to hundreds of thousands.

For instance, the BBC logo redesign cost a whopping $1,800,000! The fees charged by designers also differ. A freelance graphic designer typically charges less compared to a large design agency. You can explore these differences more on this page.


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Remember, these are just examples. How much your branding management plan costs and what results you get will depend on the special package made to fit your company’s needs.

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