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Surprising Fact: 78% of Online Users Watch Videos Weekly!

Our comprehensive video production service is dedicated to merging your business objectives with our creative expertise and technical mastery, turning ideas into reality. Whether you’re a new startup or a recognized brand, we’re committed to sharing your narrative and enhancing engagement through the potency of video content.

Drawing from our diverse team of strategists, scriptwriters, cinematographers, editors, social media specialists, web experts, and a proficient production crew, we effortlessly handle various film projects. Consider us an extension of your marketing team, your dedicated storytellers through video.

What types of videos is our video production agency capable of producing?

Explainer Videos

Explainer videos serve as invaluable tools for effectively and briefly explaining concepts. They find application in both internal and external communications within your company.

Tutorial Videos

Video tutorials offer a straightforward method for breaking down a step-by-step procedure, ensuring easy comprehension and swift execution within a brief timeframe for everyone involved.

Promo Videos

Social media platforms and the broader landscape of the internet are increasingly leaning toward video-based content. Promotions and advertisements crafted through videos consistently yield significantly superior outcomes compared to traditional approaches.

Business Intro Videos

When introducing a new product, seeking funding, or revamping your website, it’s crucial to consider the pivotal role of business presentation videos in captivating fresh audiences.

Corporate Videos

Crafting professional and engaging corporate videos is our specialty. We excel in producing tailored videos that showcase your company’s ethos, services, and achievements, delivering impactful narratives to captivate your audience.

3D Animations

Transforming imagination into vivid reality, our 3D animation services bring ideas to life with stunning visual storytelling. From captivating characters to immersive environments, our team crafts dynamic and lifelike animations that elevate your message, engaging audiences through cutting-edge visuals and seamless storytelling.

What is the process involved in Video Production?

Fill out the contact form with details about the type of video you’re interested in. Further information will be requested in the subsequent stage.

One of our approved videographers will contact you to discuss the necessary details and initiate the process of outlining the script, storyboard, graphic style, and, if necessary, the voiceover procedure.

After your approval of the graphic style and storyboard, our team of video editors will commence crafting the video animation. You’ll have the opportunity to request up to 5 reviews during this phase.

You’ll receive the final video in FULL HD as an mp4 file. Additionally, you’ll have access to an editable version of your video through our video creation platform.

Why should you choose us?

Tailored, compelling videos: We specialize in crafting customized videos that resonate with your audience and perfectly capture your vision.

Creative expertise: Our team comprises skilled professionals dedicated to understanding your unique needs, ensuring every project receives personalized attention and meticulous detail.

Innovative approach: From concept development to the final edit, we merge cutting-edge techniques with state-of-the-art technology, guaranteeing high-quality videos across various genres.

Professionalism guaranteed: With a commitment to excellence and a history of surpassing expectations, we ensure a seamless and enjoyable experience throughout the production process.

Brand elevation: Trust us to amplify your message, captivate your audience, and elevate your brand through exceptional video content that stands out.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I afford to add a video to my marketing strategy?

Absolutely. Incorporating top-notch, expertly crafted video content into your marketing approach might appear daunting, yet it’s entirely achievable. Partnering with Vital’s digital marketing team brings numerous benefits, notably access to our proficient in-house professionals, particularly our adept video specialists. Our video production services division boasts the equipment and extensive expertise required for scripting, filming, editing, producing, and strategically disseminating your video content. This process ensures seamless alignment with and bolstering of your marketing objectives.

What types of videos do Startup Idols offer?

Tailoring videos for specific goals is the essence of Startup Idols’ approach. Each stage of the customer journey can benefit from distinct video content.

Videos for Driving Conversion include Web Commercials, Landing Page videos, Product Videos, and Explainer Videos designed to encourage action and facilitate conversions.

For Emotional Impact, Startup Idols craft Social Impact Videos, Engaging Long-form or Viral Videos to foster connection and engagement.

In Learning and development, Startup Idols offers a range of content: Brand Videos, Training Videos, Human Resources Videos, Promotional Videos, Product Animations, and Safety Animations, ensuring comprehensive support for educational and promotional needs.

How long does it take to produce a video production project?

The time required to create a video hinges on its treatment and type. If it involves production or live-shoot, it usually takes 3 to 4 weeks. For a standard brand video, the production span, from concept to delivery, falls within 5-7 weeks. However, this timeline can extend to 8 weeks or more, especially for complex productions involving numerous actors or locations.

Due to their extended length, training videos typically demand more time than shorter videos like event highlights or product promotions.
Explainer videos vary in turnaround time based on their duration. For instance, a 60-second video necessitates 3-5 weeks to be finalized.

How much does a typical video cost?

Providing a straightforward answer to this question is quite complex. Various factors, such as the project’s scope, influence the cost of a production-driven video. This includes aspects like pre-production elements such as scripting and concept development. Production costs are determined by shooting locations, duration, artists involved, equipment, and crew size. Additionally, post-production elements like the final video length, required languages for deliverables, narration, and audio mixing contribute to determining the overall cost.
In the case of an animated video, the cost is typically tied to its length and the intricacy of the animation.

Does Startup Idols handle an entire video production project or only parts?

As a comprehensive video production company, we take pride in managing a project, from the initial concept to planning, storyboarding, on-site production, and post-production. However, we can collaborate with you if you require assistance only for specific phases. Whether it’s solely capturing and delivering footage or focusing exclusively on editing, we’re here to tailor our services to meet your particular needs.

How much involvement do you require from my side?

Effective collaboration is pivotal in crafting high-quality videos, and we value your active participation. To kick off the project, we ask for a comprehensive questionnaire to understand your video needs. Apart from this detailed brief at the project’s outset, we seek your input at various feedback milestones.

We appreciate your trust in our creative expertise by choosing us for your project. We’ll integrate your insights throughout the process, involving you whenever necessary. As seasoned professionals, we believe excessive oversight can impede the creative flow, so we aim to strike the right balance in our collaboration.

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