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Digital Reputation Management Pricing

Let’s delve into reputation management before delving into pricing details. What does reputation management entail?

Reputation management involves enhancing your company’s standing among Internet users, focusing on Google search results, online reviews, and other prominent online platforms with high user traffic.

Below are ten instances of reputation management services and their benefits to your business.

  1. Domination of search results: Counteracting adverse news by disseminating positive content that occupies Google search results.
  2. Result surveillance: Vigilantly observing Google search results to ensure a consistently positive portrayal of your business.
  3. Social media optimization: Harnessing free profiles to populate Google search results linked to your brand name.
  4. Social media ownership: Steering conversations about your brand on social networks to maintain control over the narrative.
  5. Brand promotion: Endorsing your business and its website across influential platforms to cultivate brand awareness and favorable coverage.
  6. Search results modification: Implementing diverse strategies to alter the composition of search results significantly.
  7. Executive reputation distinction: Spotlighting articles and blog posts that portray corporate leadership in a positive light.
  8. Multimedia development: Creating photos and videos to enhance your business’s visibility in multimedia-specific search results.
  9. Transparent communication: Regularly updating you on our plans, actions, outcomes, effectiveness, and more.
  10. Results tracking: Demonstrating the allocation and impact of your investment in bolstering your online reputation.


Be specifics now. Whether your business faces challenges from a competitor or deals with negative reviews scattered across various websites- mainly on Google, Facebook, and Yahoo, it’s crucial to balance them.

Our reputation management services are strategically crafted to empower you in this battle, enabling you to regain command over your online reputation one step at a time.

Now, let’s get into the details. Whether your company is attacked by a competitor or contending with unfavorable reviews proliferating on multiple websites, it’s imperative to fight back.

It might surprise you, but 92% of consumers check online reviews before purchasing. If your online reputation is tarnished, you could lose 92 customers for every eight you gain.

However, there’s a silver lining—this implies a potential sales increase of 11.5 times your current amount, assuming you only capture 8% of potential customers.

This underscores the essence of corporate reputation management. There’s an untapped potential for earning more, surpassing your competitors, and thriving online if only your customers didn’t encounter negative sentiments about your business.

By opting for a reputation plan from Startup Idols, your company not only equips itself with the necessary tools but also steps into the arena, ready to throw punches.

Each punch thrown addresses an unfair review and fortifies your defenses, making it more challenging for new, unjust reviews to gain visibility.

This is the core philosophy behind the approach to reputation management. We adopt an offensive strategy while simultaneously reinforcing your defenses, allowing you to enter the fray with vigor and relax once victory is achieved.

Furthermore, we vigilantly monitor your online reputation to prevent any resurgence of negativity. If it does resurface, we address it swiftly.
Reputation management serves as a stalwart shield, fortifying your company against incoming attacks. We’ve got your back, ensuring you present the best possible image online.

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The cost of reputation management services is influenced by several factors, including the scale of your business, the number of locations it operates, the specific services availed, the chosen agency, and other variables.

Companies can expect to invest between $500 and $10,000 monthly for reputation management services. Certain agencies might impose an initial fee along with a recurring monthly charge. The range for businesses paying per location is typically between $50 and $1000 per location.

Remember, these are just examples. How much your reputation management plan costs and what results you get will depend on the special package made to fit your company’s needs.

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