Improve Your Cab Riding Experience with The SMART Taxi

The SMART Taxi is all about quality and creating best in class riding experience for their clients. At the age of 30, Dhruvam Thaker started this venture. He is basically a mechanical engineer, having more than 8 years of experience in supply chain arena. Along with his brother, he came out with the name as THE SMART Taxi.

During his corporate tenure, he used to travel to different states through different modes of transportation. Majorly through cabs. He always finds a huge scope for improvement in every ride that he experiences. In parallel, He was always impressed with the hospitality of airways and features offered in well-stared hotels. By merging both the above cases this idea came into his mind.

He belongs to a middle-class job seeker family. In middle-class families, people are more happy in getting monthly fix salary rather than taking some big risks. Being the eldest son in his family, he was aware that his passion is hardly going to get accepted. But later all the family members supported him in gathering the required funds to start with.

However, Being a salaried person, taking the risk and starting his own company was a tough decision for him. On the other hand, things happening near him always encouraged him to start a cab service. It took almost 3.9 years to make himself prepared to take the first step.

He started conducting the survey in the market by asking questions to various age group about the concept of perfect mix cab. The maximum people were impressed by his idea and also appreciated him. Then he started the SMART Taxi in Ahmedabad, with only one cab. And now he has expanded his services in Baroda, Rajkot, and Jaipur.

This venture provides services like cabs for outstation, cabs for one way, cabs for airport and cabs for the railway. They also offer to add on features including WiFi, amazon kindle, newspaper, water bottle, dry snacks, magazines and many more.

For any queries or assistance, you may contact The SMART Taxi at:

Phone: +91-8238883335
Location: Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India

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