Love Bites – Online Bakery Shop by Rahul Singh

Love Bites, an online bakery shop was started by Rahul Singh, the proprietor of the company, back in January 22nd, 2017. At the age of 26 Singh’s vision transformed into reality with his successful start-up brand, Love Bites. Delivering pieces of love at customer’s doorstep is Rahul’s way of celebration.

In an interview with Startup Idols, when asked about the beginnings of his first venture as an entrepreneur, Rahul said, “The idea of delivering customized designer cakes at the customer’s doorstep prompted me to start my online bakery shop.” Which highlighted the fact that, innovation and the love for desserts, made ‘Love Bites’ happen.

While coming to the company’s name, Rahul had something very interesting to say. He believes, that the firsts of everything have a lasting impression. He assures that the very first bite of the cakes from Love bites, would “make you fall in love.” Hence, the company very aptly named, Love Bites.

With every beginning, there lies a journey in between which maintains the stability of the proceedings. And the stability only remains when a certain motive is followed. So, Startup Idols wanted to know the reason behind the existence of Love Bite as a company. To which Singh very enthusiastically explains, how the concept of love and affection gives his company the outlet to project those heartfelt feelings. The cakes and their varied designs satisfy not only the customer’s need but also their taste buds.

The interview soon shifted to some important focus points. Among them, the first being, whether the stream of study for Singh matched his, now career, as a businessman. Singh though belonging to a family of entrepreneurs, finds no previous acquaintances with his bakery business. Yet, he is contented with his dream project, Love Bites.

In every clean slate, the markings of a family is a must. When asked how supportive his family has been so far, Rahul without any hesitance said, “At first they were a bit confused with the idea that how can I sell cakes through online market and how will people be able to know about my business.”

Gradually the hesitance of his family faded on seeing the increasing demands of the cakes from Love Bites. Rahul happily states, “my father himself promotes it within his friends and relatives.” Also, when the low tides hit, his mother’s zeal enables Singh to move ahead.

Quickies from the Entrepreneur:

  • Singh wants to expand his business across the country, not restricting to Burdwan only. Love Bites will soon have an outlet in Mumbai, as of now branches are open in Kolkata and Memari.
  • He feels the quality and the baking of eggless cakes is a plus point which enables customers to choose them over other brands.
  • To avoid the melting of their cake’s cream and their efforts, cooling bags come as a rescue for delivery.
  • Being an online platform, his team’s marketing strategy lies within the scopes of Facebook. Their feed attracts a good number of customers.

Rahul finally signed off by giving some important tips for upcoming startups.

“Always follow your dreams. No matter how many obstacles come, always have the courage to overcome it with a smile.”

To know more about Love Bites and Rahul Singh, you may contact him at:

Email: &
Phone: +91-9064075248
Location: Burdwan, West Bengal, India.

Edited by: Zoya Khan

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