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Online Thela: eMarket for Rural India

Posted by startupidols

Online Thela is a hyper-local platform where rural Indian easily can buy and sell used or new products. People can advertise their business in rural and also grow their business in rural. Online Thela is really useful for those who want to save time & money for purchase. Everyone can access this platform free of cost and advertise their business in rural India.

Ashish Kumawat comes from a family of non-entrepreneurs and has no support from his family when he started a business on his own. It was at the age of 22 that started a platform for e-Market in rural India along with a friend. He said he is a self-motivated person and is a first generation entrepreneur with no family support. He dropped out three times from college education system and also is also a job drop out.

While building up this start-up, he understood the needs for development of his village and the customer segment. This is an online platform for people to advertise their business or skills in the rural area. An online platform helps them to expand and reach a larger rural audience. Marketing has also been effective due to an online platform. Also, this helps the rural customers to search local business/market. Online Thela also provides a platform for advertising in the Rural segment for the customer to grow their business in rural also.

There are benefits for every sector of rural India. Local companies and brands along with companies from urban area can also use this platform for advertisement and marketing. Therefore, this helps the rural population and not the urban population, defining the customer segment well.

He said there were more difficulties in starting this business and also in acquiring the first few customers. To market the business, They make use of print media and digital media and the mission of this company is ‘To accelerate the rural business transition to online businesses.’ Boraj is the first village which has been digitalized to such an extent in Indian history. Also, this initiative has been made possible by Online Thela.

For any queries or assistance, you may contact Ashish Kumawat and Online Thela at:

Email: info@jobsthela.com
Phone: +91-7062932469
Website: www.onlinethela.com
Location: Boraj, Rajasthan, India

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