When Health Meets the Needy with Pari Foundation

“Stress spreads like Cancer and it cripples you physically, emotionally, and mentally.”

With this thought in mind, Dr. Sona Kaushal Gupta decided to let a helping hand out to the people around who were suffering from stress. Stress is such a problem that all of us face in our day to day lives. However, the constant work pressure combines with the tight deadlines hardly give us the scope to stop and breathe. For all of us who are experiencing this, no matter how big or small the level is, PARI Foundation’s one on one session, seminars, and workshops are sufficient to help us lead a relaxed life.

As a Medical Doctor, a practicing Counselor and Psychotherapist working in the field of Human Psychology, Dr. Sona had realized the need to help out her patients in a creative way so that they can get de-stressed sooner than that of a counseling session in a closed room. As her family was supportive, she started up PARI Foundation in her mid-40s and has been running the organization with the help of a proficient team for almost 10 years. PARI is an acronym for Psychological Assessment & Rehabilitation In children and all others. As a leading company in her region, Dr. Sona is happy to have made such a wonderful progress in the span of 10 years.

This foundation leverages innovative technology and reaches out to people of all walks of life by counseling, videos, street plays, workshops and seminars and also Psycho-educate people about the hazards of stress and its consequences like Depression & Addiction and how to prevent them. They also empower people to identify the risk factors and be able to say no to stress, depression and drug abuse.

Though Dr. Sona has constantly faced the problem of her patients demanding instant results, she has kept her counseling sessions strong and engaging to nurture a successful result in the long run. She identifies the high-risk cases and counsels them at her workshops, and advice them further referral and counseling near their homes. Till date, the workshops, lectures, social media coverage, and word of mouth has given PARI Foundation the marketing fields. The dedicated team is all set to inspire and de-stress as many people as they can and we are confident that they will excel even more in this venture.

Feel free to reach out to Dr. Sona Kaushal Gupta and Pari Foundation at:

Email: sonakaushal11@gmail.com
Phone: +91-9897771600
Website: www.parioperations.com
Location: Dehra Dun, Uttrakhand, India

Edited by: Shreya Dutta

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