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On Sunday 1st April 2018, Picsfaire announced a National Level Creative And Fashion Talent Search Competition 2018. This event’s main objective is to identify and provide a platform to the aspiring talents in the fields of photography and fashion via modeling. This competition is open to Indian and Indian Origin Nationals only. Registrations end by midnight of Monday, 30th April 2018.

Mr. Manoj Kumar Singh, the Founder and CEO of said that through this competition they are taking the first step for which Picsfaire was made that is to promote talents and provide them the right platform to shine. In future, we will be organizing more such competitions and events not only at national level but also internationally.

The competition is also supported by Yeforum – a Young Entrepreneurs Forum India as a part of their initiative to promote fashion industry.

The Talent Search has a unique format of online registration through sign up on the portal and uploading images in the separate categories of Photography and Modeling. Here voting will happen for 30 days all online where each like, share, ratings will be counted as votes for the participants. Then top 10 male models, Top 10 female models and top 5 photographers will be going to the second phase. It is then followed by photo-shoot in Jaipur, online voting and Grand Finale with a fashion show. The Finale will be on 5th August 2018. The winners get their professional website made, working opportunities, branding and many other prizes.

The fashion show will be held at Taxila Business School, Jaipur which is also the venue partner for the competition.

For more information about Picsfaire, you may contact Manoj Kumar Singh & PicsFaire at:

Phone: +91-9990771680
Location: New Delhi, Delhi, India

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