Sumesh Chhabra: CEO & Founder of Minds Ventures

Here we have another example of ‘It’s never too late.’ Sumesh Chhabra, is the founder and CEO of Minds Ventures who started established his company at the age of 41. Sumesh’s father was a job holder for 35 years of his life before he started to move into business. Similarly, Chhabra decided to move to business after 22 years of employment. Not only his father but his grandfather was a businessman too.

Sumesh was doing great with his job and was constantly getting promotions. However, he believes is taking risks, hence, he left his very satisfying job and jumped into business. His decision of leaving his job was supported by his parents as they believed in him. “You know what is best for you. Just live your dreams and fulfill them” is what his family always told him.

“Business is in my blood,” says Chhabra.

He quotes a very motivating line from a not very famous Bollywood movie ‘Rocket Singh’: “Risk to Superman ko bhi lena padta hai” (even Superman has to take risks). And this is one of the things that keeps him motivated.

Talking about Minds Venture, it deals in business consulting services in the areas of Marketing, Human Resource, Corporate Training & Image consultancy. Minds Ventures implements solutions after getting an in-depth understanding of the scope of work. They provide expert solutions to businesses in case of any problems faced. It also provides training based on TNA & TNI.

Sumesh has a friend cum partner who is based out in Mumbai. She is a trainer too and has always supported him.

As of the moment, Chhabra is not focused on turnover or profit, he is working hard towards trust building. According to him, it is easier to earn money than earning trust.

His marketing trick is similar to many other start-ups. He uses his personal contacts and friends for marketing his services.

What Sumesh Chabbra has to say to upcoming entrepreneurs: “If you want to be an entrepreneur, plan it on paper. Prepare at least two to three plans and never get fed up with work as it is your own work. Also remember, your family is dependent on you.”

To avail Minds Ventures’ services, you may contact Sumesh Chhabra at:

Mobile: +91 9893200090
Location: Indore, Mumbai, India

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