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During our college days, each and every one of us has that fire inside to lead something, to become part of various societies, clubs, organizations etc. This passion to do and try different things compelled Nipun Gupta to inaugurate Trulabz Technologies that acted as a catalyst between the colleges and industries.

Trulabz Technologies Pvt Ltd. is a Delhi based training institute providing numerous courses for students to tune up their skills in accordance with the current demand of the industry. The institute was established in Jan 2012 by Ex Infosys Employees. Trulabz is basically a synonym for ‘career’ enhancement training centre. It offers quality training programs for aspiring students, job seekers, working professionals and corporations. To enable them to emerge as “Industry Ready” professionals and enhance their technical skills in a competitive environment.

Nipun Gupta, an Electronics and Communication Engineer with MBA in Finance and Marketing started Trulabz Technologies at the age of 23. He comes from a family of non-entrepreneurs who support him at every point and believe in his dreams.

While working as a freelancer with some big companies in his training niche, Nipun realized that there were some mistakes in the operational and management team. Also, he realized that being a freelance trainee, you do not get that deserving appreciation and hence it’s not worth working with those who don’t understand you. This dragged him to start up his own training venture with leading training skills.

Initially, he took an initiative to organize a workshop in a college along with his 3 friends. It was a huge success for a second year as the workshop strength was around 300 students. It was  a huge success for the company too. From then, they got lots of things to do as a team and participated at IIT Kanpur, IIT Bombay and many reputed colleges. They also represented their college at national levels. Since then they felt that there are numerous students who lacked practical exposure to these levels and need to minimize the gap between college and industry. Hence, he started up with Trulabz Technologies.

Their mission is to empower country’s students, job seekers and working professionals with the latest upcoming technologies. Also to enhance their potential in the wide ocean of competition. With their practical training approach, they want to create budding toppers, entrepreneurs, top-notch working professionals who believe in what they have gone through and understand its need in the competitive industry. They are slowly and steadily progressing to earn a reputed position in DELHI NCR based on their stellar record and student satisfaction.

Their vision is to be a global leader in providing practical & quality training, leading to employment of every knowledgeable individual. The deduction for their company is “WE DON’T TEACH, WE HELP YOU LEARN”. Their commitment towards work and their dedication is what makes their customers select them over their competitors.

It is the feedback of their training that acts as a fuel in their bad times.  There are various things that will boost up the startup. But what Nipun believes is that you should always start a business that has a good customer base and something which is quite unique and brandable. Never show your ideas to others until you prepare a prototype for your business. Attend good workshops, seminars and courses related to your business to gain latest technology exposure. The last and the most important thing that he believes is that always be patient.  It generally takes 5 years for any startup to mature and never give up on your dreams.

For any queries or assistance, you may contact Trulabz Technologies and Nipun Gupta at:

Phone: +91-9599493069
Location: Delhi, India

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