Vaigyanik Likho – Promoting Companies and Little Scientists Together

Ankit Tripathi founded Vaigyanik Likho at the age of 19 while pursuing his mechanical engineering. He wanted to create an impact on society and hearts of people. Although he is pursuing mechanical engineering he wants to be job giver not job seeker. In the light of this, he has hired 5 Interns and has more than 16 volunteers working with him. Although his parents want him to secure a job and settle in life but he doesn’t want to settle like sediments. Rather he wants to remain to roll on path of success and failures. It was with his brother’s advise of doing something amazing and outstanding that Ankit Tripathi started this company along with his brother, Atul Tripathi.

Vaigyanik Likho – ‘Vaigyanik’ means Scientist and ‘Likho’ mean to Write – translating to help students to become Vaigyaniks by writing and learning. The Vaigyaniks this startup promotes and is trying to make and produce are not the real scientist. These scientists will be solution orientated in their own daily life problems, the real need of nation now.

Vaigyanik Likho is a startup providing education commodities such as notebooks, registers etc at low prices to rural India. Also at cheapest price in Greater Noida. Along with this, Vaigyanik Likho provides a unique and effective way of advertising a startup or company. This is done at a low cost with high retentivity and targeted towards youth. With your advertisement in the notebooks and registers, the ad will last physically until the child uses the product.

They provide 30 Rs registers at just 2 Rs to underprivileged students and at 10 Rs only for every student in Knowledge Park Region with a tag of most innovatively designed registers. In the Next Lot, they are also going to add seeds of plants in each register. As this may lead to a massive seed plantation movement across Northern Rural India. Not to mention that the Research team of Vaigyanik Likho is about to launch a notebook that can be reused again and pen with no ink. The team has more plans and missions lined up achieving their vision – produce 1Lakh young Vaigyanik’s from rural India in upcoming five years. Their mission is to provide creative, smart, innovative education commodities at the lowest price. Also, to help in the making of next-generation changemakers.

His brother, Atul Tripathi is his motivation throughout his journey. Ankit Tripathi signed off with a tip for upcoming startups,” You have to dream before it comes true. Aim to do something big in life and just focus on what I can give, not what I can get. If you start giving you will ultimately start getting also.”

For any queries or assistance, you may contact Ankit Tripathi & Vaigyanik Likho at:

Phone: +91-9650575205
Location: Greater Noida, India

Edited by – Osheen Jain

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