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4 Easy Ways to Use Social Media to find a Job

Posted by startupidols

To find a job online is much more than updating your profile on LinkedIn or hiding those party photos from your FaceBook account. It has been found that more than three-quarters of recruiters use social media to find out their potential employees. Studies have found that one in three employers have recruited their employees because of something shown in their social media accounts. So, now it is very obvious that there are many advantages of using social media to find a job, it is easier and more convenient. Are you confused and don’t know how to start?OK, we know to find a job can be overwhelming. Hence Startup Idols is here with 4 easy ways to use social media to find a job.

1.      Create Relevant Profiles

The first and foremost thing you have to do to land a job on social media is to build compelling profiles that show your job history. LinkedIn is one of the best sites to find a job, but Facebook, Google, etc are also on the list. These profiles should not only demonstrate what you’ve accomplished but also your strengths and your interests.

2.      Network

To get a job, you have to connect up with the people in the industry. LinkedIn groups are an excellent place to do this. Also, you can join several groups on Facebook too. But remember to join the ones which are active and vibrant. Then start introducing yourself to the members.

3.      Do Not Directly Ask for a Job

The next thing you need to do is talk to the professionals about the career. Even though you are hidden behind the screen you should not directly ask them for a job. Let them recognize you as a potential employee on the basis of your intelligence.

4.      Research

The next step is to find out what channels employers are posting jobs on. LinkedIn might be a good place to start as many employers are taking advantage of its extensive job board. Facebook has a new job board. Instagram and Pinterest may be the right avenue to identify new opportunities. It depends on your industry and the position you are looking for. Make sure you know where you should be investing your time.

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