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Steve Jobs’ Life Struggle- Unknown Facts

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Steve Jobs, an American inventor, designer, and entrepreneur and the co-founder of the leading firm always the first to step up in the path of innovation, APPLE. Apple’s revolutionary products are now seen dictating in the technology world.
Some facts about the person who delivered innovation and introduced us to the technology are :

He was an adopted child

Steve Jobs was born on February 24, 1955, in San Francisco and was an adopted child. His biological parents gave their child to his adopted parents Paul and Clara.

He was bullied in school

Bullying at school made him give an ultimatum to his parents to move out of San Francisco. So, they moved to Los Altos in California.

Steve was a college drop out

He was a college dropout and attended Reeds College for just 18 months. He continued his education by informally auditing classes. In Reeds, the course that attracted him the most was calligraphy.

He became Buddhist Monk

He almost became a Buddhist monk. As an adolescent, Jobs’ dream was to become a Buddhist monk. In 1974, a trip to India sparked in him a lifelong interest in Buddhism that stayed with him forever.

He had interest in technology

From his very early age, he was into technology. He used to attend various after-school lectures at Hewlett Packard and later became summer intern there.

Apple fired him

Apple fired him. In 1974 he joined Atari, a video game maker and attended meetings of home computer club with Steve Wozniak with whom he later founded Apple. In 1976, they both together founded Apple computer. He asked John Sculley to quit Pepsico and become his Apple’s CEO. He was successful in convincing him to join Apple. Both their visions for the company greatly differed. Also, the product the Jobs was heading, Macintosh was a failure. In May 1985, Sculley decided to reorganize Apple.  He set up a meeting with the board of directors and decided to fire Steve Jobs from the group.

Jobs made Forbes List

He was one of the youngest people to make the Forbes list. With an investment of 7 million dollars, he founded another computer. He promoted his product across scientific organizations, educational institutions, government bodies etc. The sales were limited because the product was expensive. Soon after he returned back to his company.

By – Nayni Jain

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