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Success Story of Startup Idols – Interviewed And Published By Launch Story

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Give us a brief background about founders and its core team members?
I started with Startup Idols in 2017, October 1. It was again an online platform. I was the one-man army. I started it all alone without much support. There were a few friends who helped me in choosing the name and other basic things. One of the very helpful person was Hemant Agarwal who did all that he could to help me in deciding the name and the logo. Hemant was a seller on eBay from Gujarat and I had purchased one of his products which had some concern and that’s how we connected with each other. But in no-time we turned out to be great friends.
We then started featuring start-up stories. As I said it was a one-man army so I was the one doing it all alone. Promoting, getting clients (who were non-paid), getting the questionnaires ready, getting the forms filled and then preparing the final interview, getting it approved from the clients and then publishing it and also sharing the same via email with the clients. On the course of this, there was one client who came and an angle and gifted us a logo. He knew we were struggling with finalizing our logo and since he was happy with our work. He came up with a surprise for us which was our current logo (a bit of modifications done later by us).
I then suddenly got struck with the idea of hiring intern. I started posting for internships online and managed to get a few amazing interns. Some of the building stones of Startup Idols, namely Darakhshan Anjum, Osheen Jain, Pallavi Singh, Jayant Singh Rajput and Viral Parmar. The list goes on but these were some of the building stones of SI (that’s the acronym for our company).
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