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4 Things One Should Never Do At a New Job

Posted by startupidols

Getting a new job is a total new experience for a person. Everything seems appealing as we have only heard about people working in a firm and holding a certain responsibility. Well, if one really wants to stick to their new job, it’s extremely important to behave in a certain way and avoid doing few things. These things are career spoilers. Beginning of a new job can be very exciting and scary at the same time. So, let us walk in to see those things which should be avoided at a new job.

  1. Comparing the new job with the older one

Well, if you have worked anywhere before, then this tip is for you. It might irritate the people around you if you constantly keep on comparing things at your new job with the older one. So, try not talking about how things used to function at the old company rather focus on new things here and ask people how things are done here, at the new place.

  1. Try not to wander at your very first day

Has your HR department told you when are you supposed to arrive at the office? Well, if not then I suggest you may ask them once before joining because reaching at the time you are not supposed to and at a place you are not supposed to report can lead a bad impression. Also, wandering around the office searching for the place where you should be is not impressive. Hence, you must ask them once, where and at what tine you are supposed to reach.

  1. Bonding is good to a certain extent

If one of your colleagues ask you out for a lunch, what would you do? Doubting their intentions is not a great way of dealing with it. You should accept their invitation. It would really help in building a strong bond at the workplace. So, do not miss an opportunity to bond with the people at work. It is recommendable to a certain extent but not beyond that because then it is not suitable at workplace.

  1. Do not dig out your past

You may want to release out all the negative things about your previous job. For instance, talking negative about how your boss was or how your co-workers were etc. This would let your present co-workers to create a story about it and things at work spread like fire without taking even a bit of time. So, be careful about what you are speaking and try not digging out things.

By – Nayni Jain

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